Counseling Services

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The Center for Children and Families offers evidence-based child and family counseling services in Louisiana and Central Mississippi.

We offer clinic-based counseling services, as well as in-home counseling services, depending on each location.

The reasons children may need counseling services include:

      • Anger or Violence
      • Anxiety
      • Behavior Issues (at home, school, or community)
      • Depression
      • Family Conflict and Crisis (separation and divorce)
      • Grief and Loss
      • Mental Health Issues
      • Running Away
      • Suicide Risk
      • Trauma (including abuse and neglect)

Clinic-Based Counseling Services

We accept private insurance and self-pay options for our clinic-based counseling services, which offer compassionate and innovative mental health treatments for various behavioral and/or mental health issues. Counseling sessions are family-oriented and research-based to ensure the highest quality of care. Clinic-based counseling services are currently available at our West Monroe, LA location and Clinton, MS location.

In-Home Counseling Services 

We proudly offer evidence-based, in-home counseling services for children and families facing difficulties. We provide compassionate and innovative mental health treatments for various behavioral and/or mental health issues. Children and families who are referred for counseling services by a local school, healthcare provider, court, medical professional, state agency, or law enforcement professional may receive in-home counseling services.

Services we offer include:

      • An initial assessment to determine each family’s strengths and challenges
      • Case management to identify specific services required
      • Intensive counseling sessions with Masters-level therapists for children and teens, parents, and the family unit
      • Crisis intervention for emergency help
      • Medication Management
      • Life Skills training
      • Family Advocacy

In-home counseling services are currently provided through our Monroe, Shreveport, and Crowley, Louisiana locations, and Clinton, Mississippi location.


The Center for Children and Families, a distinguished nonprofit organization founded in 1999, has been serving children and families for 25 years. We take immense pride in the expansion of our services to encompass mental health support and counseling services for children and families.