You can help Be the Hope for a child, too.

Each year we serve thousands of children who are struggling with challenges that no child should face alone. Our mission is to Be the Hope that is desperately needed when these difficult times come. From our Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) program to our Therapeutic Services Division or the Children’s Advocacy Center, these are the things we do for the families we serve: ​

When no one else will, we show up. A CASA volunteer shows up for a child in foster care who has been through countless homes and schools, letting that child know that their voice matters. A family therapist shows up for a family in crisis, to be a listening ear and begin the healing process.

When a child is treated as precious, full of potential and valuable, it is powerful. We communicate the worth of each person. A Family Support Specialist sees the value of a troubled teen as they help them find a purpose and future. A Forensic Interviewer honors the worth of each victim of sexual abuse as they hear their stories and help them heal.

At the core of every interaction we have with clients is an offering of hope. A family therapist offers the hope that change is possible. A CASA volunteer offers the hope of a safe, permanent home for a child. The CAC offers the hope that victims will be heard so that justice can be served. We cannot do it alone. Hope comes from a community ready to help.

Through one simple donation, you can ensure that a child receives the extra support they need.


Children served through our donations
  • A gift of $100 will ensure that one child can begin services.
  • Choose the monthly option to spread your gift throughout the year.
  • A monthly donation of as little as $8 can give a child hope this year.​ You can also choose to give a custom amount each month.
  • Login and edit your monthly donation at any time.
  • One time and monthly donations are tax deductible. Donors will receive an annual tax statement.

*DONOR PRIVACY POLICY - CFCF respects the privacy of donors.​ CFCF shall not sell or otherwise make available the names and contact information of its donors, except where disclosure is required by law [without providing them an opportunity at least once a year to opt out of the use of their names and contact information].